May 9, 2019
May 9, 2019 rsit


I imagine it will be no surprise for you to hear that the last week had been very busy – what with the usual lead-up preparation required for big events like the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event and then the event itself.

Making it even busier for us though was that on the Tuesday night of ‘event week’ we took ourselves, our Top Fueler and the D&D Land Speed Car I will drive with Gemma Dunn next year to Davis Distribution’s Cameron Park store opening.

For those who haven’t heard, Gemma and I will be driving the D&D Land Speed car lovingly known as ‘Rosie’ during March 2020’s Speed Week at South Australia’s Lake Gairdner in pursuit of the 300mph barrier.

We will be the first all-female team to make the attempt, and it sure is an exciting prospect! It was great to show off the car for the first time since we made the announcement and I can tell you that preparations are already well underway for what will be an epic adventure next year. If you want to learn more about our plans, you can visit or check out Auto Action’s story on our announcement at

While ‘the Salt’ is certainly calling and we were pleased to welcome Gemma’s brothers Kurt Dunn and Mark Dunn as part of our Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event crew, at the weekend it was all about Top Fuel drag racing and as always, we gave it everything we’ve got.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as excited about the event as we were and saw Friday’s proceedings rained out which was a real shame.

There was a rescheduled test session run on the Saturday morning, but with only a few hours between that and the racing and our limited budget in mind, we decided the risk of interference with our racing runs was too great and elected to sit that one out so we could put our best foot forward in the afternoon.

In round one, we dropped a cylinder straight off the line and another in the second half of the pass, running a 4.15 second ET at 295 miles per hour – thankfully nothing was damaged on the run.

We had had the same thing happen on our last run at the Winternationals last year with an electrical issue, so we changed the points box and while in round two we broke a blower belt on the hit and in round three had tyre shake 100 feet into the run, we left on all cylinders so are confident that the electrical issue has now been solved which is great news.

We serviced the car on Sunday before packing my pride and joy into the truck for Troy Hozzi of Hozzi Transport to return it back to dad’s place in Brisbane ready for me to visit in a few weeks to unpack.

With the Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder event now run and done, it is time to look ahead to what is next.

While our plans for Speed Week are well underway, when it comes to Top Fuel racing I am not sure when I will next be in the seat. To get us back on-track in Top Fuel at 300mph+ for the entire 19/20 season, I am looking for special people to assist me with sponsorship support – so if you have a product or service you think could help me reach that goal or are able to contribute financially, I would love to discuss further with you how I could promote your business throughout my journey! Just drop me a line, you can find all of my contact details on 0418 774 862 or and we can talk possibilities.

Until next time,

Queen of Speed

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