EVER PUSHING – on and off the track

September 14, 2019
September 14, 2019 rsit

EVER PUSHING – on and off the track

It might be the off-season for the Australian Top Fuel 400 Thunder Championship and our all-female land speed record attempt may be seven months away, but that doesn’t mean we are kicking back and relaxing – there is plenty to be done to ensure we are in the best possible position for the next season.

Of course there is the fundraising – Top Fuel racing is not cheap after all and without some great backing from valued supporters, a full Top Fuel season is just not going to be possible.

This means we have been working hard over the off-season canvassing as many leads as possible and chasing down as many opportunities and recommendations presented to us as we can – if you are or know someone who might want to get involved with us, please shout out and we would love to discuss this.

We have also been busy putting together some merchandise options so our fans can help support us too while getting some great threads for their wardrobe if they so wish. Whether it is drag racing or land speed records that get your blood pumping, we have some merch for you with RSR Hoodies available ($60, simply message me on my FB page to order) and special edition D&D Land Speed Racing Team merchandise coming soon – keep an eye on https://www.facebook.com/RachelleSplattRacing/ for all the details when that range is released.

While all of this has been going on, the RSR camp has been busy with other pursuits too.

For all racers health and fitness should be an important part of their program, but for me it is something that is not only necessary but also something I greatly enjoy. In my 20s I had a real love for bodybuilding and always wanted to enter a competition and now I have decided to chase that goal again. Working with Jason from Corner Stone Fitness as well as nutritionist Sarah Scholl from My Athletic Advantage and with the support of Lucky Bling I have been training five times a week and am so happy with the results so far.

At the same time, dad has been busy with his own passion project which has been very exciting for everyone that knows him. Some of you will remember his iconic Dragway AA/FA Altered which he unfortunately had an accident in at Heathcote Park Raceway some 34 years ago. Well, he has been busy restoring it and is now very close to being able to drive it again – this time on the road though, not the racetrack!

Looking back at the photos of the car after the accident still brings tears to my eyes even now and I really can’t wait to see him back in the car on the road – he even has number plates that carry his original race number and racing class to complete the great new look.

Until next time,

Queen of Speed